Welcome to Myra Savant-Harris

Welcome to Myra Savant-Harris

Welcome to Myra Savant-HarrisWelcome to Myra Savant-HarrisWelcome to Myra Savant-Harris

Author & Speaker on Dog Reproduction and Whelping, Breeding and Puppy Care MyraSavant@hotmail.com


My Grandson Logan Modeling Our New Masks!

New Masks Available for Purchase!

Here is my grandson Logan modeling our new double layer 100% cotton masks.  It's perfect for everyday use.  This is a limited fabric pattern and available now in my store.

We also have some fun canine prints too!  

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About Myra


Myra Savant-Harris is a dog breeder, Registered Nurse and author with many years experience working in labor & delivery and neonatal ICU.Along with her interest in genetic research and experience dog breeding, she brings a wealth of knowledge and techniques to help you in your breeding program.She also is a sought-after and highly informative, entertaining speaker who had published several books. (available in the store)

  • Advanced Canine Reproduction and Puppy Care
  • Puppy Intensive Care
  • Canine Reproduction and Whelping.

Whether you have whelped one litter or twenty, lost a puppy or an entire litter, Myra embodies  a great wealth of information and experience you can trust..See our seminars page for more information on having Myra present a seminar for you.  Contact Myra at:  MyraSavant@hotmail.com


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Youtube Videos

In addition to the videos on this site - Here's list of videos available from Myra's Youtube page.

Tube Feeding Your Puppy  


Puppy Intensive Care


Helping the "Stiff" Puppy


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Book A Seminar with Myra!


Booking a Myra Savant Harris Seminar

I will go pretty much anywhere and meet with any group.  My requirements are very few.  I require that my RT air fare from Seattle to the airport nearest your event be paid.  My preference is to make the reservations myself and be reimbursed by you via a PayPal invoice that I will email to you for payment once I have made the reservations.. If the event isn’t being held within a shuttle’s trip from the hotel, I will also rent a car and drive to your location and submit that receipt for reimbursement.  I require a hotel reservation made on your end and charged to your account for the night I arrive from Seattle (always the day before the seminar) and the night, or nights of the seminar. I can only stay in a non-smoking room, (preferably a non-smoking hotel as well) but either a King bed or two queens will be fine.  Please book a room on either a first floor or close to an elevator as I travel with several bags in order to have a sales table at each seminar. I travel with my husband to run the sales table at my expense. Please check the location of the hotel to make sure it is in a safe location and of a reasonable quality.I charge a flat rate fee of $500 for any amount of time up to two days, payable at the seminar. Seminar and Location of venueI use a table at the front of the room with a reasonably comfortable chair.  If the group has over 20 people a microphone is also necessary.  My husband runs a sales table in the back of the same room so that attendees can restock their whelping and puppy supply as well as purchase my books.  He requires a banquet type table with a chair as well and takes cash, credit cards or checks.  He comes with me at my expense.I’ll need the address to the hotel at least a couple of weeks prior to the seminar so that I can check routes and check map quest as a backup system to our GPS and it is almost always necessary to provide the hotel with written authorization to charge the room to the credit card that was used to make the reservation.Long experience has taught me that there are several keys to having a successful seminar where the hosting group or dog club can make a good profit and also provide a truly memorable event.  I require that each seminar have at least 25 attendees and I can easily be cancelled up to the time that I make my air fare reservations.  Having a raffle helps and I am happy to make a donation for that.

  1. Plan your seminar at least 3 months in advance.
  2. Open the seminar to the public rather than just your group.
  3. Advertise in as many venues as earthly possible and don’t count on your own premiums to get the word out. If you have repro vets, advertise on their bulletin boards if they will allow it. Advertise, advertise, and advertise.  Contact other dog clubs in your area directly. Put up ads in Pet Smart or any other pet stores.
  4. Charge at least a nominal fee.  People will opt out of the seminar for the slightest reason if they have not invested non-refundable money for the seminar in advance.  I don’t care what you charge but free seminars are often poorly attended. I have given seminars where the initial contact thought that 150 people would attend a free seminar and when I showed up to the give the seminar, there were four people.  That is not cost effective for your club and we will both feel better if you are able to make a profit for your group.
  5. I try to make plane reservations about 6 weeks out from the event but if necessary, I can wait until closer to the event if need be to check your attendance and try to increase it.  Until I make the reservations you can cancel the event with no problems.  If you wait until after the reservations are made, I will not return the money for the air fare because those tickets are generally non-fundable to me as well as to you.   Please cancel if you have under 25  attendees.
  6. I need a head count of sorts no later than ten days prior to the event as well as addresses to the seminar locale and the hotel. Please use my email address at: myrasavant@hotmail.com  for all communications because I can print things up and keep a file on your seminar.
  7. When planning a time frame, the best seminars are the ones held on a Saturday and Sunday but once you get me there, you are free to plug me into whatever time slot you need me to fill. The only complaint that I get from people attending the seminar is that they wish it could have lasted longer.  

Contact Myra at MyraSavant@hotmail.com

Video Showing How to Feed a Tiny Pup Using Karo

Video -Helping a Stiff Puppy

This video shows a condition caused by decreased blood sugar.  The puppy suddenly becomes  extremely stiff.  Even his fur & skin stiffens.  It lasts for a few seconds if you massage him all over gently and then immediately place some glucose on his tongue.  Karo syrup, maple syrup, frosting - anything that you can wipe on the tongue.  Continue wiping karo on the puppy's tongue at least 3x a day for at least 4 days & watch him closely. The puppy in the video is now 3 years old.  

Video: Removing the Dewclaws

Here's a video on how to successful remove the dewclaws on a puppy.

Video: Tube feeding a puppy

Here's a video that shows how to tube feed your puppy.  I hope you find it helpful.

Myra's Homemade Puppy Formula



One can of evaporated goat’s milk, undiluted (You can substitute evaporated cow’s milk if you can’t find the goat’s milk.) 

One cup of full fat yogurt (the fattiest and freshest you can find)

2 raw egg yolks (don’t worry about the raw eggs)

1/3 cup of freshly made, strong liver broth made from boiling a piece of liver in one cup of water and then reducing the water to 1/3.  You can substitute fresh beef broth if you just can’t tolerate the smell of liver, but the liver is much better. Don’t eliminate the broth.

1 Tablespoon of Virgin Olive Oil (you can use mayonnaise if you like, but remember it is acid based).    Use 2 tablespoons to make this formula for kitties.

1 teaspoon of karo or corn syrup. 

1 dropper full of baby vitamin that doesn’t contain iron.


Place it all in a blender, blend  then pour into ice cube trays and freeze.  Once frozen, store the ice cubes in a plastic bag and take out how many you need for a feeding; thaw and warm to about 100 degrees.  It’s  good in the freezer for a full year.  If you are going to use this for bottle feeding or Adele’s sponge feeding technique, you may need to thin it with a little bit of pedialyte.

The advantage of this formula is that it has been formulated to contain 3-4 times the calorie content of breast milk.  Mother’s milk has 3-4 calories per cc.  This formula has 10-12 calories per cc.  The reason for using the evap milk without diluting is to get extra calories, same with the full fat yogurt and the olive oil.  It is all about calories.  Your puppy will gain weight on this formula beginning about 48 hours after beginning to feed the formula.  Feed the puppy one cc (a ml is identical to a cc)   of formula for every ounce of body weight every 3-4 hours or when crying from hunger.  Self-regulated bottle feeders may eat more at every feeding and want to eat less often. This is fine too.

Commercial formulas try to match the caloric intake of breast milk, but we are unable to match the time that a puppy spends nursing from its mother unless we are tubing about 18 hours a day.  So the best way to insure that the hand reared puppy gains weight as it would with mom is to increase the caloric intake.  That has been the goal of the formula from the beginning.  The liver water adds in important amino acids that your puppy needs for growth and health of the eyes.  This formula will stabilize blood sugar nicely and works little miracles for the GI system.   Most breeders see soft formed stool with no diarrhea after a few feedings.  You can use it on all ages of puppies from immediately after birth to old age. 

Contact Myra at MyraSavant@hotmail.com

Important Tip From Myra


Use of the Fertile Focus for the Canine

First:  Throw away the instructions that come with it other than to use the pictures for comparison.  There is no comparison between the canine system and the human system.

Second:  You are not measuring progesterone with the fertile focus; you are measuring Estrogen levels which peak five days prior to ovulation. You are using saliva to do the test.

Third:  The estrogen levels will peak and cause a “ferning” pattern in the saliva when dried on the little plate inside the fertile focus.

Take the eyepiece out of the fertile focus by gently twisting and raising it out.  Inside on the eyepiece is a round glass disk.

Put saliva from your bitch on the disk.  A drop is too much, a lick is not enough.  Think “smear”. You can get this by wiping your freshly washed and dried fingertip around the inside of the gum line or under the tongue of your bitch and then kind of scraping it on to the little round glass disk at the bottom of the eyepiece when you have removed it.

Put it aside now and allow it to dry for 30 minutes.

Put it back together and, holding the little black button on the bottom that turns the light on, look into the eyepiece, focusing it as necessary, and assess what you see on the glass.  When there is no estrogen there, the glass will just look like a plain glass with maybe small pieces of debris on it.  If it is ferning, the ferning pattern will resemble the fronds on a Boston Fern. 

In order to be able to catch the first day of full “ferning”, you will need to do this saliva test every single morning when the bitch has not had water or food for at least ten hours, starting the day you see your first sign of her season.

Bitches ovulate anytime from 5 days after the first sign of a season until 21 days after the first sign of a season, with day ten being the most common day of ovulation.

When you see full “ferning”, you will know you are five full days from ovulation.  For instance:  If you see ferning on Monday morning, you will count Monday as day one, Tues as day two, Weds as day three, Thursday day four, and Friday day five.   You are safe to consider Friday to be day of ovulation. 

Using Friday (day five in this example) as day one, you can now count sixty three days and be very close to the day of whelping. 

Your Fertile Focus just needs to be wiped clean with a wet Kleenex, dried carefully and put away.  Don’t keep checking the ferning every day because it will fern to one degree or another for a few days.  You are only interested in that first day of full ferning.